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Sports injuries are common, especially in physically intensive and contact sports. They can occur when you overexert yourself or they can occur if you move the wrong way or make contact with another athlete. Even with differences among sports, there are common injuries that can occur. Fortunately, many sports injuries can be treated effectively with physical therapy. Seeking physical therapy from Desert Edge Physical Therapy in Peoria can help you recover from your sports injury so you can get back to playing.


1. Knee Injuries

Sports Injuries for Athletes

Many sports are hard on the knees because the legs keep you moving on the field or court. There are few sports that don’t involve using your knees. Unfortunately, that means sports can be hard on knees. Any sport that involves running, jumping, and twisting or turning can lead to knee injuries. Since you have to use your knees to walk and move so often, even minor sports injuries can easily be exacerbated and take longer to heal. Minor injuries can even become more serious if you don’t get help when the injury occurs.


2. Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder injuries are also common in sports activities in Peoria, Arizona. Though knees are used to move and jump and twist, shoulders are used to move the arms. Any sport that includes a ball that needs to be caught, thrown, or carried, as well as any equipment held in the hands, requires shoulder muscles. However, when using your arms in sports, it can be easy to overextend, collide with another player, or twist the wrong way, leading to a shoulder injury. These can be particularly painful, as pain can radiate down the arm or into the back.


3. Hamstring StrainSports Injuries for Athletes

Hamstrings, located at the back of the thigh, are instrumental in running and jumping. However, they can often be tight, which makes them vulnerable to injuries. While strains can be easily treated and healed with physical therapy, more serious injuries, such as hamstring tear, may take more intensive treatment plans. A hamstring strain can be very painful and keep you off the field until it has completely healed. Getting treatment early can help you heal more quickly and prevent complications.


4. Shin Splints

Shin splints typically occur in athletes who are runners or who do sports with a lot of running. The pain they feel radiates down their shins, making it painful to walk or run. Many athletes experience shin splints early in their sports seasons. After being off, they may get back into training and practice too quickly, which causes shin splints to occur. Shin splints can keep you from continuing your training and practice until you get treatment, making early diagnosis and treatment essential.


5. Groin PullSports Injuries for Athletes

The groin muscles are found on the inner thighs, running vertically from the upper-inner thigh to the knee. They are used in side-to-side movements and, like hamstrings, can be tight. That can make them vulnerable to pulls and strains. Because these muscles work to move the legs together and apart, they are used often in daily life, even when not training or doing sports. This can make a groin pull very painful and the hot Arizona sun can exacerbate this pain as well. Getting treatment for a groin pull will help heal and strengthen the muscle as well as loosen it. That makes it less vulnerable to re-injury once you are finished with recovery.



Understanding Sports Injuries for Athletes

Whether you’ve suffered one of these common sports injuries or another injury during training, practice, or a game, physical therapy is a non-invasive treatment approach that can help you heal from your injury and strengthen your muscles before you get back to the game. Call Desert Edge Physical Therapy in Peoria to make an appointment today.

published on Sunday, October 21st, 2018