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Physical Therapy For Sports Injuries

Physical Therapy For Sports Injuries

If you’re full-force dedicated to your sport, the last thing you want is to have an injury stop you from enjoying it. Unfortunately, sports injuries are not uncommon. Fortunately, there are physical therapy exercises for sports injuries you can do to strengthen your muscles and prevent injury.

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Utilizing proactive physical therapy for your sports injuries can help you identify your weaknesses or imbalances in one part of the body that may affect other areas.

Identifying problem areas and enduring targeted therapy and training can improve athletic performance with less risk of pain and injury. Understanding your body is key to maintaining your physical health as you age, starting at any age.

Why physical therapy?

Physical therapy is a truly customized care plan, not a one size fits all recommendation. It will improve your mobility, reduce or prevent pain and disability, and improve overall health and wellness. So, how can it help you as an athlete?

It will improve your strength. Strength is as necessary for athletes in golf as it is for athletes in football. Strength is necessary for efficient functional movement, especially when you’re competing at a high level with maximum effort. A targeted strength and conditioning program is beneficial especially for the demand for year-round sports.

Proper body mechanics. Strength is the foundation for general athletic performance, but proper body mechanics is the foundation for skilled athletic performance. Having proper body mechanics ingrained through consistent practice can significantly help to minimize injury down the road.

Crucial to injury recovery. Physical therapy greatly helps to regain strength and movement after an injury. It can also help an athlete manage their pain and prevent permanent damage or reoccurring issues. With different exercises, techniques, and stretches utilizing specialized equipment will properly address the injury.

For some patients, physical therapy can prevent surgery as a treatment for a sports injury. Patients can entirely avoid an invasive treatment and in addition, can be a quicker treatment plan. For example, a patient has to recover from a surgical procedure before even beginning to recover their strength and mobility. However, with physical therapy, building strength and mobility is both the treatment and recovery.

Physical Therapy for Sports Injuries Rehabilitation

With a properly built out physical therapy rehabilitation program, it’s absolutely possible to come back from a sports injury 100%. Your individual care plan will work to strengthen the body and reverse the effect of the injury. To do this, muscular strength and endurance are outlined in a specific training regiment. Patients who attempt to heal effectively on their own take a huge risk because self-rehabilitation without a trained physical therapist usually doesn’t deliver proper results.

For example, many patients that come in with an injured IT band have attempted to heal on their own. They have found multiple videos of how you can stretch and strengthen the IT band, but with no results. The issue here is that you can’t stretch or strengthen your IT band because it’s a tendon. In order to rehabilitate your IT band, it’s important to strengthen the muscles around your IT band, and there are stretches that target exactly that.

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Sports Performance Enhancement

Many athletes come to Desert Edge Physical Therapy with goals of improving performance. After the first assessment in your consultation with Desert Edge’s physical therapist, Mike King, you will receive a customized care plan assembled by two parts: neuromuscular strengths and weaknesses and your specific sport. Your areas of deficiency in flexibility, muscular strength and endurance can then properly be targeted by a specific routine.

Strength, endurance, coordination, agility, balance, and flexibility are requisites for optimal athletic performance. The key to improving athletic performance is identifying any deficits in these areas and correcting them. And this begins with a consultation with your licensed, trained, and accredited physical therapist.

Desert Edge offers a Free Physical Therapy “Discovery” Session which is perfect for anyone who would like to learn how physical therapy can help them get back to the activities they love before committing to receive the extra benefits included in a full consultation. This is a great way to “test the waters” to see if Desert Edge Physical Therapy is the right fit for you!

I want a free 20-minute discovery session!

What does a consultation consist of?

A consultation is also known as an initial evaluation. Your physical therapist will take the time to understand your goals and discuss pain or conditions. This will most likely be your longest appointment at Desert Edge Physical Therapy.

You can expect to undergo an examination as well. Your examination will include:

It’s important to dress in comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. Arrive at your initial evaluation early with your insurance card, driver’s license or state identification card, and the paperwork found here which includes your personal and insurance information, health history and a description of the reason you are seeking physical therapy.

To learn more about what to expect at your physical therapy consultation, click here.

Physical Therapy For Sports Injuries

A physical therapist is one of the best resources to use if you have an injury that limits your functional mobility. Especially when treating an injury, he or she can alleviate any anxieties about reinjuring. If you’re ready to get back into the game even stronger, schedule your consultation with Mike King now.

published on Friday, August 16th, 2019