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5 Ways Physical Therapy Can Benefit AthletesIf you are an athlete, then you know that injury is part of the game. It is rare that any athlete will go their entire life without a sprained ankle, torn ligament, pulled muscle, or broken bone. Recovery after an injury or surgery is crucial for athletes who want to continue playing and competing in their sport, but without proper aftercare, the likelihood of that happening is slim to none. It is never too late to attend physical therapy after a sports related injury to help rehabilitate the injured part of your body. If you have a recent or even past injury and never sought out physical therapy, here are 5 ways physical therapy can benefit athletes.

Evaluation of Mobility

One of the best things about attending physical therapy due to a sports related injury is the evaluation of mobility of the injured body part. Physical therapists specialize in mobility which means they will perform different evaluations in order to best asses your injuries and come up with a recovery plan personalized to your individual needs. No two injuries are ever the same which is why these evaluations are so important. They allow the doctor to examine your injury in a unique setting to see how much movement you really have. They want to test your strength and flexibility in order to know how to proceed with your physical therapy regimen. These assessments will help in your recovery process, allowing both you and the doctor to set realistic goals to get you back to playing the sport you love in a minimal period of time. Evaluation of mobility is one of the 5 ways physical therapy can benefit athletes and lead to a speedy recovery.

Rehabilitation Treatment

One of the 5 ways physical therapy can help athletes is through the actual rehabilitation treatment. A lot of times after an injury, athletes are timid to return to their sport because they fear their injury has not had the appropriate recovery time and the thought of re-injury is daunting. Physical therapy helps athletes relearn how to use those injured counterparts. The rehabilitation treatment is designed to gradually get your body functioning the it did ore-injury with the hopes of a 100% recovery. The rehabilitation treatment will teach you natural methods to practice at home in homes to expedite the recovery process. The only natural way to recover from an injury that has a proven success rate is through physical therapy rehabilitation treatment. As an athlete you are used to practicing everyday for hours at a time, if you treat your rehabilitation physical therapy like practice, you will see results and know a full recovery is possible with time.

Flexibility and Muscle Strengthening

5 Ways Physical Therapy Can Benefit Athletes

Flexibility and muscle training can differ from your rehabilitation treatment, although they often go hand in hand. While rehabilitation treatment focuses on the injury itself, flexibility and muscle strengthening can help strengthen the muscles surrounding the injury, as well as help with prevention of future injuries. A lot of athletes use physical therapy as another form of working out and perfecting their craft. With physical therapy you learn certain exercises, stretches, and techniques to help maintain your fitness level on and off season. Many athletes use physical therapy in preparation for a big competition or to prepare for season because it is a great way to get their bodies in the best shape possible.

Quicker Recovery

One of the most important of the 5 ways physical therapy can benefit athletes is the speedy recovery. It is a known fact that those who participate in a rehabilitation treatment through physical therapy have a quicker recovery than those who do not. Physical therapy allows athletes to begin using the injured muscle or body part in a safe and controlled setting with specific movements meant to help in the healing process. A lot of times after an injury your body tends to become stiff and weak in the injured area, but physical therapy helps to avoid that which in return shortens the recovery time. If you are an athlete and are considering a physical therapy treatment to assist with your rehabilitation, make sure to find a doctor who can help with your specific needs. If you are looking for a great physical therapist for a sports injury in Peoria or the surrounding Phoenix area, Desert Edge is who you should call.

Prevention of Future Injuries

Wouldn’t it be great if you could help prevent injuries from happening? Well with physical therapy, you can. For athletes competing in high intensity sports, prevention is everything. You want to learn how to protect your body and care for it in a way that will help avoid torn muscles and broken bones. Physical therapy for sports injuries will teach you specific stretches and exercises that are specific to your sport and the constant movement your body performs while competing. It is important for your body to stay flexible and to strengthen specific muscles geared towards your sport; physical therapy will do that.

5 Ways Physical Therapy Can Benefit Athletes in Peoria, AZ

If you are an athlete in Peoria or surrounding Phoenix area, we want to be your athletic physical therapy treatment center. We can help with each of the 5 ways physical therapy can benefit athletes in order to get you back to the active lifestyle you love. We can help with recovery and prevention, making sure that you don’t have to stop competing. If you are interested in how we can help in your recovery, call today. We are happy to answer any of your questions and set up a consultation with our physical therapist to help you back to a speedy recovery.

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published on Wednesday, May 16th, 2018