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Support Your Heart With Physical Therapy

Start your week by educating yourself about the importance of heart health. A healthy heart is important for optimal wellbeing, and you can support your heart with physical therapy!

For those in the United States, this is an especially valuable message. In our country, heart disease is the leading cause of death. According to the American Heart Association, 859,125 Americans died from heart disease in 2017. It also is the leading cause of death globally, with 17.8 million related deaths in 2017. This number is expected to grow to more than 2.2 million by 2030. It is upsetting to learn that heart disease is the world’s leading cause of death each year, taking more lives than cancer and lung diseases combined. Additionally, heart failure affects an estimated 6.2 million Americans older than age 20. This number is expected to increase to affect greater than 8 million adults by the year 2030.

The good news is that most forms of heart disease are preventable by making lifestyle changes, including quitting smoking, practicing good nutrition habits, and reducing stress in your everyday life. You can also support your heart with physical therapy, which can help you get active and create healthy habits. 

Heart Disease: The Biggest Risk to a Healthy Heart

Arrhythmia, atherosclerosis, cardiomyopathy, congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease (CAD), and multiple heart infections are all disorders that are classified as heart disease. 

The most common is coronary artery disease (CAD), which affects more than 3 million people in the United States each year. CAD is caused by plaque accumulation in the arteries, which narrows them and restricts blood flow.

Even though reading about things you can’t control can be unsettling, it’s always good to be informed. It is even more important to be vigilant about tracking your heart health and making sure you are doing everything you can to avoid heart disease if you’re in a higher risk group or have a family history of heart disease.



The Importance of Resolving Chronic Pain

You may not be aware that people who suffer from chronic pain are more likely to have a heart attack or stroke than people who do not suffer from chronic pain. Pain, according to researchers, triggers a slew of factors linked to poor heart health, including stress, lack of exercise, poor sleep, and depression.

Desert Edge Physical Therapy offers a range of options for those in Peoria, Sun City, Vistancia, and more suffering from pain whether it be from an accident, a surgery, a sports injury, or from the everyday aches and pains that aging tends to offer us. From manual therapy, specialized modalities, and supervised exercise, they work with you to get your motion back so you can enjoy the activities you love, pain-free.

Strengthen Your Heart with Cardio

While the word “cardio” might invoke horror in some, cardiovascular or aerobic activity is important for cardiovascular health. Because of the coronavirus, millions of Americans are now operating from home, and our society is more sedentary than it has ever been. According to one report, people who sat for an average of three hours a day were 33% less likely to die of cardiovascular disease than those who sat for seven hours a day. It is important to keep up an active lifestyle in order to maintain good heart health.

Here are some tips to incorporate more movement into your daily routine:

Exercise: The Way to a Healthier Heart

Adults should get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise or 75 minutes of intense aerobic activity each week. Adults should also get brief bursts of activity during the day, says the US Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. 

Aerobic exercise, also known as “cardio,” raises heart rate and improves your cardiorespiratory health. Include both moderate and vigorous-intensity workouts, as well as strength training and stretching exercises, in your workout. 

Moving your body regularly during the day can improve your overall well-being. Aerobic exercise not only strengthens your heart, but it also lowers your risk of heart disease and increases your overall heart health! The following are some examples of aerobic exercises organized by strength:



Support Your Heart Health with Physical Therapy

Movement of various forms can greatly help to boost heart health, whether it be through moderate activity or intense aerobic exercise. But what if you’ve been living a sedentary life for a long time? Or maybe you are afraid of aggravating an old injury? 

It can be difficult to begin thinking about reintroducing consistent movement into your life. Most of us know that exercising regularly is good for our health, but getting started can often be challenging, and even more so if you are experiencing pain or a recurring injury. It’s not uncommon that pain in the back, neck, knees, shoulders, or other joints and muscles sidelines a person for an extended period of time. In many cases that periodic injury can slip into permanent inactivity.

At Desert Edge Physical Therapy, our mission is to improve lives by providing expert care in an upbeat, positive environment. Get your body moving again and keep your heart healthy! You can contact us today for a FREE consultation.

Our Results-Oriented Approach

At Desert Edge Physical Therapy, our number one priority is the patient. We strive to provide individualized treatment with hands-on, compassionate care. We do not rush our patients or our clinicians. Rather, we perform comprehensive evaluations and encourage patient input for treatment planning and goal setting.

Don’t let pain keep you from achieving your goals, particularly when it comes to your heart’s health. Returning to a regular aerobic and strength-training regimen will help you avoid heart disease in the future, and physical therapy will help you get back into action and keep moving. It’s important to support your heart health with physical therapy so you can be your best self. Keep the Desert Edge Physical Therapy slogan in your mind:  Move Better. Live Better.

As part of your physical therapy care plan, you’ll get a customized fitness routine and prescribed activity. This will assist you in reducing the effects of heart disease and/or failure. It will also help you do better at home, at work, and in other situations. If you have heart disease or heart failure, your physical therapist can guide you to decrease your risk factors and slow the progression of the disease.

All of our physical therapists are prepared through education and experience to help you manage cardiovascular disease. You may want to consider:

published on Monday, June 7th, 2021