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Physical Therapy Videos


physical therapy videos

We have put together some great educational videos for beginners listed below with narration which demonstrates beneficial exercises and stretches prescribed by Mike King, the owner and Physical Therapist here at Desert Edge Physical Therapy. These videos are filmed in our physical therapy facility, however, they are designed so that you are able to complete the workouts and stretches at home, at work, or even on the go! Remember that you only have time for your health if you make the time.


Educate Yourself.  Motivate Yourself. Live Healthy.


These videos are grouped into the areas of the body that you might be experiencing certain pain. Make sure that you are working with stable equipment and have adequate fluids for hydration. If you are unable to find a specific exercise video, please contact our team and we will do our best to help with any issues and conditions you are experiencing.









Lower Back

Pelvic Tilt
Hamstring Stretch
Bracing and Lower Abdominal
Stability Building Exercise


Neck Rotation and Upper Trap Stretch
Postural Stretch (Doorway Stretch)
Chin Tuck
Row & Bilateral External Rotation


Dorsiflexion Stretch (Calf Stretch)
Heel Raise
Single Leg Balance

Shoulder Pain

External/Internal Rotation
Flexion/Abduction/"No Moneys" Exercises
Pec Stretch on Foam Roller
KT Taping for Shoulders

Effective Tools

Exercise Ball (Swiss Ball)
Balance Pad
Foam Calf Stretcher
Foam Roll

Physical Therapy for Runners

Knee Pain
Hamstring Stretch
IT Band