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When you experience back pain, it’s likely your priority is finding relief as you heal. Back pain is not only frustrating but it can keep you from doing what you need to do every day. Even ordinary tasks like getting dressed can be difficult when your back is in pain. Fortunately, there are ways you can ease your back pain at home with simple physical therapy exercises you can add to your regular exercise routine or as part of your daily schedule. This article gives you three of the best exercises for back pain and low back pain relief.


Causes of Back Pain

Back Pain Relief

There are many causes of back pain. In order to determine the best physical therapy exercises for back pain relief, it is important to identify the cause of the pain and treat it appropriately.


Injury or Strain

A common source of back pain is injury or strain. Injuries and strains can occur doing any number of ordinary daily tasks. From exercise to getting out of bed, back injuries or strains can lead to back pain and even low back pain.

Spine Problems

Spine problems, such as scoliosis or a herniated or bulging disk, can lead to back pain.

Arthritis or Other Conditions

There are many medical conditions, such as arthritis, that can cause back pain.


Though these are common causes of back pain in Peoria, Phoenix, and Sun City, they are only a few of the reasons that you might experience back pain.


Exercises for Back Pain Relief

Back Pain ReliefWhen you experience back pain, it’s not a good idea to stay idle and inactive. Instead, you can use physical therapy exercises for back pain relief that will help keep you active while giving you comfort when you have back problems. Peoria physical therapy is important to regaining your strength and reducing your pain.

Wall Sits

Wall sits work your core while keeping your back in good posture to correct back pain and problems. Stand approximately ten inches from the wall. Lean back slowly until your back is flat against the wall. Slide your body down the wall, bending your knees, until you are in a sitting position. Hold this position for ten seconds, then slide back up the wall to your original position. Repeat this approximately ten times.


Knee-to-chest is a good way to stretch your back while keeping it straight. Lay on the floor on your back. Bend your knees and plant your feet on the floor shoulder-width apart. Bend at the hip to bring one knee to your chest, keeping your lower back pressed against the floor. Hold the position for 20-30 seconds, then lower your leg. This can be done three or four times for each leg.


Swimming is not only good physical therapy exercise but the water helps reduce the pressure on your body, making it easier to move – not to mention stay out of the Arizona heat. Even people with limited mobility can be active in water. Swimming can give you the opportunity to stretch your muscles and work out your body without further injuring or harming your back. Strengthening your muscles through swimming can also help heal some back injuries, relieving your back pain.


When to Seek Medical Attention

Back Pain ReliefWhile back pain is often treated at home with exercises and other pain relief measures, there are signs you can use to decide it’s time to seek medical attention. Consider making an appointment for an examination if:

Seeking medical attention can help you understand what to expect as well as the cause of your back pain. Look to get the appropriate treatment advice to ensure you can get back to your healthy, active lifestyle.

If you feel you could benefit from speaking with an expert or physical therapist in Peoria about how to improve your back pain, give Desert Edge Physical Therapy a call today.

published on Friday, September 7th, 2018