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11 Tips for Better Running

11 Tips for Better Running

Running is a good way to lose weight, gain strength, and reach your health and wellness goals. Running is also a good exercise because it can give you a chance to get outside, breathe fresh air, and get some sunlight. Even though running seems simple, there are things you can do to be a better runner whether you’re just starting out after physical therapy or you’ve been running for years. Learning these keys to better running will help you get healthy on the run and better navigate the Peoria area. Staying safe and healthy while you do it is important and will keep you happy.

Get the Right Shoes

When you’re a runner, your shoes are the most important equipment you have. That’s why it’s important to make sure you have the right running shoes for your goals and for your particular body. It can be tempting to put on any shoes you have, especially when you’re just starting. But if you don’t have the right running shoes, you’re at higher risk for pain and injury. A shoe store that specializes in running shoes can help you find the best running shoe for your needs.

Stretch Before You Start

Another of the keys to better running in the Arizona desert isn’t about what you do while you run. It’s about what you do before and after running. Running is exercise. Just like you shouldn’t go to the gym and start lifting heavy weights right away, you shouldn’t start running without warming up your body and loosening your muscles. Take a few minutes to stretch before you start running. Stretch your arms and legs and start your routine with a little walking to get your body moving and blood flowing. Stretching before you run can help prevent cramps and injuries once you’re on your run. Most people also don’t know that it is great for your body to do a post-stretch routine as well. Once you’ve completed your run, get a nice stretch in and your hamstrings will thank you for it. Physical Therapy is a great preventative resource to learn more.

Take Your Time

When thinking about the keys to better running, taking your time is often overlooked. It can be tempting to start out running fast and long distances. But if you’re just starting out as a runner, you have to get your body used to the exercise. Don’t try to do too much all at once. If you do, you can injure yourself and then you won’t be able to run at all until you heal. Let yourself ease into running. Start by running slow and shorter distances. The weather can also play a big factor so try to schedule your runs accordingly taking into account the summer heat in Arizona. As you build endurance and strength, you can keep challenging yourself to run faster or longer (or both!). Be sure to monitor your activity and even keep track of some goals you have with associated timelines you have in mind.

Don’t Skip Rest Days

In any exercise regimen, rest days are important. They give your body a chance to recover from your exercise routines so you don’t overdo it. Just like stretching and taking your time, rest days can help keep you from getting injured. After all, if you skip rest days and end up with an injury, you’ll have to take time off to heal. Rest days from running can also be good days for gentle cross-training so you can be sure to work all your muscle groups, even if running around Peoria is your primary exercise.

Avoid Starting Out Too Fast  

Your body needs to adjust to the new strains and pressures that come with running. Many new runners start out too quickly and pay the price for it after only a few minutes. Among the effects include frustration, exhaustion, pain, and even injuries. Start your run hence at a slow speed (i.e. where you can easily hold a conversation). You should keep the same pace the entire way, even when you feel like letting loose. Long-term success is only possible for individuals who give their bodies enough time to gradually adjust to the new demands.

Talk to Your Doctor for More Keys to Better Running

It’s a good idea to talk to your doctor before you start any exercise regimen. You should get a check-up to make sure you don’t have any conditions that would prevent you from running. Your doctor can also give you advice about how to start your running regimen safely to reduce the risk of injury and can also refer you to a specialist like a physical therapist. You can also learn about warning signs that you need to take a break from running or when you should go to the doctor if you do have pain or an injury from running like an ACL injury.

Listen to Your Body

The most important of the keys to better running is to listen to your body whenever you run. If you’re pushing yourself too hard, your body will let you know. That doesn’t mean you should stop running every time it gets hard. But when you listen to your body, you’ll know when to take it easy so you don’t injure yourself.

Establish Sensible Running Objectives 

If you want to add more movement to your daily routine or you enjoy competing in races, keep your expectations reasonable by creating goals that reward continuous advancement. 

Aim to run three to four days per week to begin with. Once you’ve developed a habit of running, you may turn your attention to gaining more speed and endurance. This is particularly sage advice if you are healing from an injury.

Express Your Love of Jogging

People tend to run more when they run with friends, per a study published in Nature Communications. When kids observe their buddies running harder and faster, they are likewise more likely to exert themselves. 

Nowadays, it’s simpler than ever to meet other runners thanks to local organizations, progress-tracking apps, and other resources. See if you can involve your loved ones in your jogging regimen this year. If not, consider forming new relationships with those who share your passion for running.

Include Natural Scenery In Your Travels 

Running is beneficial for a variety of reasons, such as reducing stress, making new acquaintances, and enhancing physical wellbeing. Running and other aerobic exercises can help alleviate mild to severe depression without some of the adverse effects of antidepressants, according to research.

Take Care of Your Feet After a Run 

Replace your worn-out shoes with comfy, high-performing footwear to keep your feet healthy. Using a tennis ball, golf ball, or lacrosse ball to massage your feet can also help to relieve and relax the muscles in your foot. In the morning and at night, gently roll the ball from your heel to your toes. When you return to the trail or the road, your feet will appreciate it.

Why Proper Running Form is Important 

You’ll run faster if you have good running form. You may save energy, run farther and faster with less effort, and avoid injuries if you have proper running form. Standing straight and softly drawing your shoulders back will help you adopt a good running body posture. Keep your eyes forward and look ahead rather than down at your feet. Everyone is unique. The way each runner moves is specific to their body type, strengths, and weaknesses. You can feel lighter and more effective while running by engaging in simple exercises and routines.

Whether you’re just starting out running or you’ve been doing it for years, these keys to better running can help you stay safe in Peoria while you get healthy. You don’t have to be perfect to run but when you use these keys, you can improve your running skills to achieve your health and wellness goals. For more information about using running for exercise safely, contact us today at Desert Edge Physical Therapy for a free consultation.

published on Sunday, July 10th, 2022