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Late last year, I suffered a work-related injury and I was referred to this office. The location was close to my home and the hours were convenient for me. I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect as this was my first time needing any kind of physical therapy. From the moment that I walked in, I was impressed. I was greeted by Anita at the reception desk who was very nice and explained how the process would be in regards to scheduling and requesting authorization for more appointments. As I sat in the waiting area, Mike came over to me to introduce himself and to let me know that he was running just a little bit behind, but that he would still be treating me that afternoon. He gave me an estimated time frame and offered me the opportunity to wait on one of the therapy beds, which was a great idea since I had just made it to this place straight from work and this helped me to unwind from the long drive. I really did appreciate that. Not all physicians/medical staff will give you that courtesy and I am referring to letting you know that there is a delay while remaining positive with a smile. Anyway, in that process, I met Tessa who is one of the assistants and she was truly a pleasure- kind and professional. Mike did a great job with his evaluation of my injury. He made sure that I understood the whole process from the purpose of the treatment that I would be receiving at his facility to the exercises that I would have to do on my own time. The staff was always friendly, helpful and positive. There was always laughter and nothing but good vibes, oh and good music to listen to. Mike really knew what he was doing, after all, this is his profession. I’ve been recently discharged and am feeling much better than when I first stepped foot here. I highly recommend that you go here if you need physical therapy.

published on Wednesday, June 12th, 2019