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Acl Injuries

What You Should Know About ACL Injuries

What You Should Know About ACL Injuries Lots of athletes experience the pain of ACL injuries. If you have this type of injury, you may be worried that you’ll never be the same athlete you were before. Knowing a little more about ACL injuries can help put your mind at ease and make sure you’re […]

published at Saturday, July 23rd, 2022
Physical Therapist for Ankle Pain in Phoenix

11 Tips to Better Running

11 Tips for Better Running Running is a good way to lose weight, gain strength, and reach your health and wellness goals. Running is also a good exercise because it can give you a chance to get outside, breathe fresh air, and get some sunlight. Even though running seems simple, there are things you can […]

published at Sunday, July 10th, 2022
How to Plan for Surgery Recovery

How To Plan For Surgery Recovery

How to Plan for Surgery Recovery For most people, the process of recovering from surgery can be frightening and complicated, but the best way to make it simpler is to know exactly what to anticipate and how to get by in the weeks, months, and even years that follow an operation. In fact, before you […]

published at Friday, July 1st, 2022

What is Physical Therapy?

What is Physical Therapy? Physical Therapists (PTs) are highly trained professionals in the mechanics of movement and function of the body. With advanced education in the musculoskeletal system, they are great diagnosticians of impairments that can cause pain or lead to injury. Through evaluative tests and measures, they are able to pinpoint the area of […]

published at Thursday, June 23rd, 2022
Back Pain Relief

Questions You should Ask Your Physical Therapist During A Consultation

Questions to Ask Your Physical Therapist During a Consultation Physical therapy is fairly common for people who live an active lifestyle, but if you have never been before, there are a few questions you should ask your physical therapist during a consultation. Physical therapy is great for people looking for a natural way to rehabilitate […]

published at Saturday, June 18th, 2022
5 Ways Physical Therapy Can Benefit Athletes

5 Ways Physical Therapy Can Benefit Athletes

5 Ways Physical Therapy Can Benefit Athletes If you are an athlete, then you know that injury is part of the game. It is rare that any athlete will go their entire life without a sprained ankle, torn ligament, pulled muscle, or broken bone. Recovery after an injury or surgery is crucial for athletes who […]

published at Thursday, June 16th, 2022

Benefits of Balance Training

Benefits of Balance Training  When you exercise, you could think about how particular routines would help you gain strength, reduce weight, or become more flexible. Maybe you just want to feel good and keep healthy, which are all excellent reasons to work up a sweat. Another significant advantage of exercise that you may not be […]

published at Monday, May 9th, 2022

The Importance of Sticking with Your PT Plan

The Importance of Sticking with Your PT Plan It’s no secret that setting out time for exercise and physical therapy is beneficial to habit formation, but it’s also beneficial to your long-term health. It is believed that exercising at the same time every day increases oxygen intake and reduces perceived tiredness. In general, the longer […]

published at Monday, May 9th, 2022

Physical Therapy for Chronic Knee Pain

A detailed examination and assessment of the entire lower leg, from hip to foot, is part of physical therapy for knee discomfort. Your physical therapist may analyze your knee discomfort and recommend the appropriate therapies, such as exercises and modalities, to help you reduce pain and increase overall mobility. The knee joint is one of […]

published at Saturday, May 7th, 2022

Best Stretches for Office Workers 

Best Stretches for Office Workers Working at a desk all day every day can cause major back, neck, and shoulder issues as well as cause strain in other parts of the body. Repetitive activity, poor posture, and remaining in the same position can develop or aggravate musculoskeletal ailments. A desk job entails staying in one […]

published at Wednesday, April 20th, 2022

Healthy Running and Training for a Race

Healthy Running and Training for a Race Whether you strive to race in a marathon or you just want to love a quick run to get your cardio in a few times a week, there is a proper way to train and a healthy way to run to ensure you are taking care of your […]

published at Sunday, April 10th, 2022

How Physical Therapy Can Help With Herniated Disc

Learn How Physical Therapy Can Help With A Herniated Disc At one point or another, you are likely to experience back pain throughout your life. Back pain is actually one of the most common aches humans face on a daily basis all over the world. There are many root causes for back pain, but most […]

published at Thursday, March 17th, 2022

Best Exercises to Stop Frequent Headaches

Best Exercises to Stop Frequent Headaches Headaches are common and often debilitating; they can be excruciatingly painful and have a negative impact on one’s quality of life. Desert Edge Physical Therapy can help patients suffering from constant headaches through a specific physical therapy plan that helps find the root cause of the headaches and targets […]

published at Tuesday, March 15th, 2022

Causes and Treatment for Low Back Pain

Causes and Treatment for Low Back Pain Back discomfort in the lower back is fairly common. It can be caused by a strain (injury) to the back muscles or tendons. Arthritis, structural issues, and disk injuries are among the other causes. Rest, physical therapy, and medicine are frequently used to alleviate pain. One of the […]

published at Friday, February 11th, 2022

Finding The Right Sneaker For Your Foot

Desert Edge’s Guide To Finding The Perfect Piece Of Footwear There are two types of people in this world – people who choose their sneakers based solely on appearance and people who choose their sneakers based on comfort. The sneakers you wear can actually have a positive or negative impact on your health. Comfortable, well-fitting […]

published at Wednesday, February 2nd, 2022

3 Simple Exercises to Manage Low Back Pain 

3 Simple Exercises to Manage Low Back Pain If you are experiencing lower back pain or discomfort, don’t worry you are not alone. About 80% of adults have this problem at one point in their life. Lower back pain is also the number one reason for people missing work and is the leading cause of […]

published at Thursday, January 20th, 2022

How To Avoid Common Injuries When Training For a Marathon

You probably know someone who likes to run marathons, or maybe you like to run them yourself. If you’ve ever trained for a marathon before, then I’m sure you understand how mentally and physically challenging it can be. It’s no secret that preparing for a marathon is no easy feat. Even professionals can struggle with […]

published at Wednesday, January 12th, 2022

Dry Needling Vs. Acupuncture

Are They The Same Thing Or Are They Completely Different Treatments? It’s common for people to confuse two completely different treatment techniques – dry needling and acupuncture. There are many misconceptions about these two techniques. Although they both use thin needles that are inserted into the body, they are quite different in what they treat […]

published at Tuesday, December 21st, 2021